Bingo for Books

Grades K-3

Monday, November 20th

5-6pm in the school cafeteria







 December 1 - 8







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Message from Tennessee Department of Education:
In the coming weeks, teachers, families, and students will receive TNReady results from last spring’s test administration for elementary and middle school students. Given that these results reflect the first year of a new test for grades 3-8, we want you to remember that we are setting a new baseline for students’ growth and the results cannot be compared to past TCAP exams.
As expected, students’ proficiency on this test – which is based on our harder, more rigorous standards – is lower than previous years. This overall proficiency drop does not mean students are going backward, and you should not be discouraged. We expect performance will improve as students and educators rise to meet these higher expectations – just as we are seeing with high school this year.
With these new results, Tennessee’s elementary and middle school students have set a new baseline for future growth based on educator-developed expectations that will better ensure all students are truly ready for the next step in their education journey.
Families will receive individual reports over the course of the fall, and more resources are available on TNReady.gov.




The Rogersville City School District does not own buses and provides student transportation through a contract with Hawkins County Schools.  Therefore, on days when Hawkins County Schools are closed, no bus service is provided for our students.  Rogersville City School students are expected to be present on all student days shown on our calendar, irrespective of the Hawkins County school schedule.  If your child is a bus rider, please have an alternate transportation plan to get your child to Rogersville City School on days that Hawkins County is closed, as no bus service will be provided for our students.

Flexible Seating in 5th Grade!
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Rogersville City School is an equal opportunity employer. Therefore, opportunity for employment, as well as continuation and...