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Subjects Taught
2nd Grade


I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. So, when I went to Walters State Community College and received my Associates Degree, it was in Elementary Education. I started working at Rogersville City School after I graduated as a Para-Professional (teacher's assistant) in Kindergarten in 1984. I learned so much from working with our wonderful Kindergarten staff. I worked here during the day and went to school at ETSU at night. I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in 1987. I was hired as a teacher almost immediately following my graduation and have been working at RCS every since. I received my Masters Degree from Tusculum College in 1997.


After working in Kindergarten for 3 years as an assistant here at RCS, I taught 3rd grade for half a year (I finished a maternity leave for one of the teachers on staff). Then I was hired full time as a 4th grade teacher. I taught 4th grade for two years. Then I switched to second grade. This is my 29th year teaching second grade and I really enjoy it!

In years past, I have worked with "Odyssey of the Mind" (a gifted program), as our school's coordinator and coach for several years. Three of those years my team made it to the state level in competition.

I also coached the Rogersville City School Girls Softball Team for 8 years. I enjoyed the competition and working with these teams.

I have taught Summer School off and on through out the years. For 6 years I was involved with our After School Reading Program. I worked with second graders that were at risk or needed some extra help in Reading. 

I am a member of the National Education Association, Tenessee Education Association, and our local Rogersville Education Association. I have been very involved in my professional associations and have held several offices at the local level.



About The Teacher

I am the youngest daughter of Jack and Edith Chesnutt.  Both of my parents have passed away, but they raised 4 children on a grade A dairy farm in the St. Clair Community.  I loved growing up a country girl!  I had two sisters and a brother.  Both of my sisters retired from teaching.  My sister Mary Jo Weaver, taught first grade here at RCS for many years. She just passed away a little over a year ago, so my family is still trying to adjust to the loss. (My family has always been close.) My other sister, Dr. Jackie Walker taught 8th grade Language Arts, technology, and was also the Libraian at Clinch. She is still very active in many community organizations. She is a Hawkins County Farm Bureau Lady, a member of the St. Clair Ruritan, and she is a member of the Hawkins County Retired Teacher's Association. My brother Ralph Chesnutt, recently retired from TRW here in Rogersville. He and his wife Sheryl are enjoying the freedom of retirement. Ralph and David (Mary Jo's husband) enjoy hunting in the great outdoors. So retirement has given them both more time to do the things they enjoy most. 

I am married to Pastor Woody Tackett. He is a wonderful man and we are very happy! We have been married for 13 years and between us we have 5 children, three grandsons and two granddaughters! (We even have another grandson due in October.) Our son Zack graduated from Walters State Community College and is going to MTSU as a Finance Major. Our youngest daughter Holly got married to Ron Lawley two years ago and moved to Oregon. They are expecting their first child.  Our daughter Haley is married to Dustin Lovin (from Grainger County). She works at the Super Dollar as a butcher in the meat department. They just had their 3rd child in June. Our daughter Abby works at Cherokee High School as the Lead Advisor for the Douglas Cherokee Upward Bound Program. She is married to Joel Lyons (who is also from Grainger County). Our oldest daughter Tanna Rainey works at First Tennesee Bank in Gray, TN, while her husband Keith is a carpenter with Wild Building Contractors. Most of our children really enjoy arts and crafts, music, and sports. 

Our grandchildren are simply adorable! Tanna and Keith's son, Keaton is in the fifth grade at RCS. Their daughter, MaKenna is in Kindergarten. Haley and Dustin have two sons. Their oldest one, Jacolby (nicknamed "Jack"), is in third grade at RCS, and Ramey is in first grade. Their daughter, Khaleesi is just a few weeks old. I really enjoy it when we get to keep the grandchildren. They are so sweet and they are just growing up so fast!

I attend the mission church at the Shepherd's Center, where my husband Woody is the Pastor.  I lead the singing there, at the Over Home Community Church. I enjoy singing and doing activities with the children and my church family.  We are just so blessed!  I thank God for my family, our church families, our school, and my precious students.  I pray for them all daily!  

I love the fine arts. In my free time, I like to read and do arts and crafts of all kinds. Photography is a big favorite of mine. I am into scrapbooking and especially making photo books on line! I am very involved with my children, grandchildren, and their activities. My family is very important to me and I enjoy traveling with them whenever possible.

Mission For The Class I want to make learning fun! I enjoy teaching and I use a variety of teaching methods and materials. I give the children many opportunities to experience technology, and hands-on manipulatives. I want to get the children excited about learning, especially in reading, math, and science. 

I guess you can tell I am proud of our school and I am proud of what I do. I must say, I just love my job! I would like to think that, that carries over into my classroom. Since I'm excited about being here, I hope my students will be as well. I love doing hands on activities, like science experiments and using manipulatives in math and reading. I think technology is important, so I use it in the classroom. I also use drama, music, and art in my classroom quite often. I want my students to get excited about learning and feel free to ask questions!