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*Thanks so much to all students that sent in items off our class WISH LIST.  Your generosity is very much appreciated.

*Please initial your child's behavior recording nightly and return it in your child's folder daily.

*Homework will be assigned every Tuesday.  Please go over your child's homework with them.  They are to use a pencil unless otherwise stated or there is a specific direction asking for other supplies.  Return homework in your child's folder the following day.  Homework is very important!  Students are encouraged to complete extra homework as well.  Things they can practice are: writing letters capital/lowercase Aa-Zz, writing numbers 1-20, high-frequency words, as well as, anything covered in class.  I also have an extra credit section on my home page.

*If you have lunch money, book order money, apparel money, etc.  Please place this in an envelope or baggie labled with your child's name and what the money is allocated towards.

*Please collect Box Tops for our class.  Our collections help us to earn classroom monies.  I will send home collection sheets periodically.  If you need extra just let me know.


~We have P.E. every Wednesday.  Please make sure your child wears tennis shoes in order to participate.

~Kindergarten dismisses every Friday @ 12;00.

~Ice Cream day is every Friday.  The cost is 50 cents.

Thank you!!!