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The first day of school for the students will be on Friday, August 7th. It will be an abbreviated day. We will get out of school at 11:31. So make sure the students know where to go to meet you after school.  (Buses will not be running Friday!) Since some will be walking or will be picked up down front and others will be car riders and will be picked up out back.


Monday the 10th will be a regular school day.  School ends at 2:55.  (The buses will only be running in the morning, not the afternoon on the first full day.)  We will also have Open House Monday the 10th from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. (5:00 to 5:30 meet in the Auditorium). 


We have green sheets with the students’ names for car riders that will be coming around the back of the school for pick up. (Parents may want to pick that up in the classroom that first morning.)

If your child will be riding a bus to or from RCS, there may be some changes to their routes.  Please double check the pink sheet for the information on the downtown pick-up and drop off locations, along with bus numbers.


I have a packet of forms for parents to fill out and return to school. Please remember to also read through the red student handbook. Sign and tear out the page in the back of the handbook stating that you have read through this with your child. (Please return that signed page, also.)


I also have a packet of information for parents. This however is something you may keep. It just lets you know how you can contact me and it tells a little about second grade. I will send it home by your child on Friday.


Please remember to send in snacks if it is your week. I will always have the snack schedule on the bottom of the Weekly Homework Sheet. You can find an exact copy of the homework sheet, along with spelling words for the week on my school website. (I will provide snacks for the students on Aug. 10th to get us started. Please get the snacks in by Tuesday, though if you are on the list for the first week. Thanks!)


We will eat at school on Monday, the 10th for the first time this school year. (A menu is in the folder of information I will send home at 11:31 on Friday.) On the back of the menu is a note about payment for lunch, on line if you are interested. I believe there is a small fee (around $1.95) each time you make a deposit to these lunch accounts on line. (This fee is for the company on line, making it available to you, not RCS.) I was told you could even do multiple accounts with one deposit. You just need your students’ 5 digit cafeteria account numbers. You will need to get this from Ms. Wilson in the cafeteria. (The students only punch in 3 of their numbers when going through the line. This is just to make it easier for them.) You can keep track of the cafeteria account and the spending, on line as well. If your child wants to get extra al le cart items from the lunch line you will need to send in a one time note to let the cafeteria personnel know you have given your permission for them to purchase these. Of course you may still send lunch money in as usual if you prefer. This is just something they are offering and they wanted us to let you know these services were available.


Fall Picture Day will be on September 2nd.