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September Newsletter  

Mrs. Christian’s September Newsletter


~I hope you enjoyed Labor Day weekend!

~Reading counts starts this week. A book will be sent home with your child. Please read it with them. Send it back the next day, and they will take a test on it. If they pass they will receive a new book, but if they do not they can try the book again. 60 points is the goal for 1st grade to earn the end of the year reward. Happy readingJ

~Mid-terms will be sent home Friday. Please look over these and sign/return them.

~Newsletters and other information are on my webpage.

~There will be a 9/11 celebration in the new gym. More details to come.

~Fall Festival will be on Friday, September 28th. If you are willing to volunteer, then please let me know.


Week of September 3rd:

~Snacks: Ian, Marleigh, Rhealyn, Carter, Hunter

~Spelling Words: mop, hop, box, top, mom, log, ox, lot, not, hot

~Reading Stories: “Friends” and “Toss, Kick, Hop”


Week of September 10th:

~Snacks: Alma, Carson, Jason, Gracie, Ariyanna

~Spelling Words: frog, crib, snap, spill, drip, spin, grab, spell, crop, grass

~Reading Stories: “Move It” and “Move and Grin”


Week of September 17th:

~Snacks: Tyler, Haddley, Roxanna, Amiah, Ava

~Spelling Words: ten, pet, egg, red, get, wet, bell, bed, set, met

~Reading Stories: “The Red Hat” and “Good Job, Ben”


Week of September 24th:

~Snacks: Josh, Madison, Kayliegh, Brailyn

~Spelling words: cut, bug, hut, pup, mud, sun, bus, fun, puff, up

~Reading Stories: “The Pigs, the Wolf, and the Mud” and “Cubs in a Hut”