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Week of January 15th   


Peek at the Week:

Reading: “Animals”

Oral Vocabulary: appearance, relief, determined, feature, predicament

High Frequency Words: about, animal, carry, eight, give, our

Skills: fluency, comprehension, using a chart

Spelling: tray, snail, pail, day, may, play, gray, wait, mail, train

Bonus: We wait to play. 

English: verbs

Math: 2 digit numbers using place value

Science: Winter activities


Newsworthy Information:

~Snacks: Mason, Carter, Mac, Aiden R., Lyric

~Today is the end of the 2nd 9 weeks.  Grade cards will be sent home soon.  Please sign and return them.

~It is after Christmas, and shoes must be tied by the student for the remainder of the year.




1.Complete the attached math sheet
2.Study spelling words.
3.Read “How Bat Got It’s Wings” and “A Tale of a Tail”