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February Newsletter  

Mrs. Christian’s February Newsletter



*Each child needs to send in $3.00 by Friday, February 8th to cover costs of party food and supplies. If you are interested in helping with our Valentine’s Party, then please let me know ASAP. I will collect money and parent volunteer numbers from the class and send it to you. We have the party as a grade level so you will have parents from other classes helping, too. Our party will be on Thursday, February 14th from 1:30-2:30. Parents are invited to attend. J Also, students may start bringing cards for their classmates so we don’t have everyone trying to put them in on the last day.


*Headphones are a must! Please make sure your child has a working pair. Several students play and sling them around so they break. No headphones=No iPad.


*Mid-terms will be sent home Friday, February 15th. Please sign & return these.


*Continue to practice spelling words, reading stories, and Reading Counts at home. The Reading Counts goal is 60 points, and students must take tests independently.   Several students are chugging right along and doing a great job!


*Please send 20 snacks when it is your child’s turn.


~Week of February 4th:

SNACKS-Josh, Madison, Kayliegh, Brailyn

Spelling: large, scarf, arm, shark, star, car, card, sharp, bark, part

Stories: “A Lost Button” and “A Barn Full of Hats”


~Week of February 11th:

SNACKS: Ian, Marleigh, Rhealyn, Carter, Hunter

Spelling: worm, bird, shirt, surf, her, nurse, skirt, work, hurt, first

Stories: “Kitten’s First Full Moon” and “A Bird Named Fern”


~Week of February 18th:

SNACKS: Alma, Carson, Gracie, Jason, Ariyanna, Sawyer

Spelling: store, wore, storm, explore, roar, chore, porch, sport, adore, more

Stories: “The Story of the Robot Inventor” and “Thomas Edison, Inventor”


~Week of February 25th:

SNACKS: Tyler, Haddley, Ava

Spelling: town, mouth, crown, brow, mouse, clown, around, south, frown, down

Stories: “Now What’s that Sound?” and “Whistle for Willie”

January Newsletter  

~I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

~Headphones are a must. Please ask your child if they need them. Several students tend to chew on them and pull on them so they continue to tear up.

~All other school supplies have been replenished using the extras sent in August. Students should be good to go as long they keep up with their things. J

~Any additional practice your child does at home without being required to can be turned in for brag stickers or passes!!!

~There will be lots of first grade changes during 2nd semester to prepare for 2nd grade. I know it seems like a lot, but 2nd grade requires them to come prepared to work independently and responsibly. I’ve listed them below:

*I had mentioned reversals before, but I had decided to wait until 2nd Semester. Any letter or number that is written reversed will be a 1 point deduction.

*We will be starting addition/subtraction timed tests each Friday. Students will have 5 minutes to complete a set of problems. They progress from 0-10 with addition then subtraction sets. Any problems missed or not completed will be homework to complete or correct. These will be due back each Monday morning.

*Spelling tests will have a sentence each week that is part of the grade.   These will not be given to study at home, but they will use spelling words from the week and easy HFW from kindergarten and the beginning of 1st grade. We will practice them daily at school.

~NO SCHOOL Monday, January 21st.

Week of January 7th:

~SNACKS: Josh, Sawyer, Madison, Kayliegh, Brailyn

~Spelling words: she, sleep, each, deep, shield, eat, seem, team, sweet, clean

~Stories: “Animal Teams” and “A Team of Fish”

Week of January 14th:

~SNACKS: Ian, Marleigh, Rhealyn, Carter, Hunter

~Spelling words: row, both, hoe, coat, hold, toe, glow, road, coal, low

~Stories: “Vulture View” and “Go Wild”

Week of January 21st:

~SNACKS: Alma, Carson, Gracie, Jason, Ariyanna

~Spelling words: fly, right, high, sky, find, night, child, tie, dry, pie

~Stories: “Hi, Fly Guy” and “Creep Low, Fly High”

Week of January 28th:

~SNACKS: Tyler, Haddley, Amiah, Ava

~Spelling words: easy, money, happy, tidy, honey, penny, buddy, city, sleepy, monkey

~Stories: “Koko & Penny” and “From Puppy to Guide Dog”