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Weekly Note

August 27-31, 2018  

Sandidge’s Snippets

Our 2nd Grade Newsletter      Week of August 27-31, 2018   Mr. Sandidge’s Class


·         Snacks (August 27-31): Eryn, Mason, Jayden, Elizabeth, and Niki

·         Snacks (Sept. 3-7): Malakai, Gracie, Ayden, Bailey, and Nehemiah

· There will be no school on Monday, September 3, 2018, in observance of Labor Day.

· Please try to send a water bottle to school with your child each day. We do not have a water fountain on the 2nd grade hall. Water bottles are the only way students have water available throughout the school day.

· If your child does not know how to tie his or her shoes, please work with them on this very important skill.

· Reading Counts started last week. Please encourage your child to bring home a Reading Counts book to read at home. Participation in Reading Counts makes a huge difference in students’ reading achievement.

· Please sign this sheet on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights to signify that your child has completed all homework assignments. Your child will turn this sheet in to me on Friday morning.


Related Arts Schedule

Monday- Gym (Remember to wear tennis shoes)

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Gym (Remember to wear tennis shoes)

Thursday- Library (Don’t forget to return your books)

Friday- Art


Spelling Words: it, hit, sit, dog, for, frog, fun, run, hug, bug

Bonus Words: Rogersville, August

Bonus Sentence: The dog will sit on the rug.


Reading Vocabulary Words

Stories: Turtle! Turtle! Watch Out! and A Prairie Guard Dog

Vocabulary: buried, escape, habitat, journey, nature, peeks, restless, spies



Monday: Read Turtle! Turtle! Watch Out! from your big reading book

   Math worksheet pg. 90 

Tuesday: Read A Prairie Guard Dog from your small reading book,

     Math worksheet pg. 41 

Thursday: Read a Reading Counts book and be ready to take a test Friday morning

     Math worksheet pg. 95

       Write your spelling words three times each