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Weekly Note

March 19-23,2017  

Sandidge’s Snippets

Our 2nd Grade Newsletter     Week of March 19- 23, 2018 Mr. Sandidge’s Class


·         Snacks (Mar. 19-23): Issac, Izzy, Anna Claire, Zack, and Kinley

·         Snacks (Apr. 2-6): Sophia, Jayla, Shelby, Kaden, and Addie

·         Spring Break will be March 26-30, 2018!

·         The Reading Counts goal to attend the movie at the end of the year is 75 points. Please encourage your child to read a Reading Counts book nightly to ensure that they meet their goal before the April 20th deadline.

·         The end of the third nine weeks is Wednesday, March 21, 2018. Report cards will be coming home on Friday, March 23, 2018. Please sign and return your child’s report card as soon as possible upon reviewing them.

·         Wednesday, March 21, 2018 is National Down Syndrome Day! Please wear red shirts and mismatched socks in honor of this day!

·         Please sign this sheet on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights to signify that your child has completed all homework assignments. Your child will turn this sheet in on Friday.      


Spelling Words: car, far, start, dark, large, party, hard, arm, barn, farm

Bonus Words: Rogersville, Tennessee 37857, March

Bonus Sentence: That car is far ahead of the rest.


Reading Vocabulary Words

Stories: Lead Us to Freedom, Harriet Tubman

Vocabulary: plantation, slavery, courageous, freedom, Union, Confederacy,


Related Arts Schedule

Monday- Gym (Remember to wear tennis shoes)

Tuesday- Music

Wednesday- Gym (Remember to wear tennis shoes)

Thursday- Library (Don’t forget to return your books)

Friday- Art



Monday: Read The Bremen Town Musicians from your green reading book

                 Math Worksheet pg. 28

Tuesday: Read The Goat in the Rug from your green reading book

                 Math worksheet pg. 419/420

Thursday: Read a Reading Counts book and be ready to take a test Friday morning.

                   Math worksheet pg. 56

                   Write your spelling words three times each