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Class Info

Class Info  

May I volunteer in your classroom?

Of course!  I welcome parent volunteers, and will especially  need volunteers to help with story groups and 
to run copies for  our class on the school copier. Please let me know if you are  interested.
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May I eat lunch with my child at school?

Absolutely!  We eat lunch at 11:05, and you are welcome any day.  Just signin at the office and wait for us 
on the ramp outside the  lunchroom.  Preparing for lunch is a very hectic time for  us,  so I do ask that you 
not come to our classroom at this time. You may meet us at the cafeteria entrance.
As per official school policy, I do ask that you limit these lunches to once
a month.
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What do I do if my child is absent or misses school?

If your child is going to be absent for a couple of days (or  more), please call the office and ask 
that I get his or her  assignments together for you.  You may pick these up in the  office, or I can send 
them home with a brother or sister.  After  your child returns to school, please send a note telling why your  
child was absent.  The office must have this in order to excuse  any absence, even if a child was sick.  
Unless you have been  notified by the office, it does not have to be a note from a  doctor.  A note from you 
will work.
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How often can my child take a Reading Counts test?

In our classroom, students may take a test every day.  I have  books available for them to use, or they may 
check out books from  the library.  Several of the books on the list are probably books  you have at your home.  
Please look on Ms. Fields' webpage for the link to check  book titles  to see if they are on Reading Counts. 
I  expect EVERYONE in our classroom to read 100 books this year.  To  meet this goal, you will have to
start early in the school year.
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What can I do to help my child at home?

By far, the most important thing you can do at home is to read,  read, read, read, to and with your child.  
Not only does he or  she need to practice his or her own reading, he or she needs to  hear a good reader read.  
This helps increase his or her  vocabulary, and provides a good model for your child.  Also,  reading from our reading 
book and any other book your  child can read from is excellent practice that can only help.   Also, please talk positively 
about school in front of your  child.  If he or she know that you are concerned and expect him  or her to do well, he or she 
will have a better attitude toward  school and learning.  
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What is your homework policy?

Students are expected to turn in homework the morning after it is  assigned.  If not, the students will have to move one 
card and  complete the homework the next night.  If a student does not  turn in homework more than three times 
during a nine weeks  grading  period, the "work habits" portion of his or her grade will be  lowered.
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What is the grading scale for second grade?

Second grade uses the following grading scale:  100  A+  90-99 A  80-90 B   70-79 C   Below 70 U (Unsatisfactory)  
Please note that this grading scale changes in third grade. 
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What additional supplies or materials could be useful for the classroom?

If parents would like to contribute other supplies to the  classroom through the year, we use: antibacterial wipes,
any neat  and easy craft kits pertaining to topics we study, gift cash card for film development, 
packs of pencils,  erasers, and small toys for the treasure box (bottom  of the toy box things that your children no longer play with),etc. 
Any of these things would be appreciated at any time during the year. Thanks!
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When does my child eat snack?

We eat snack each afternoon, and I will send a snack schedule  each month on our class announcement sheet so that you 
will know when it is  your child's turn to bring snack.  Please try to keep the snacks  reasonably healthy. Suggestions 
include:  fresh fruit or veggies,  small containers of Jell-o, raisins, small containers of fruit,  pudding, small packs of peanuts, 
crackers, baked chips,  etc. We are not allowed to have juice, but your child may have  water if he or she brings a leakproof
 water bottle. If you wish  to send something for the class on your child's  birthday, the office policy is that you SEND it with
 your child,  and that it be only a small "officially approved snack item" for  snack.  No parties(except Valentine's Day) are 
allowed, as per  school board policy.
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What are the end of the year rewards for Reading Counts?

The librarian typically hosts a movie reward for students in Grades 1-3 who  accumulate at least 75 RC points.  In addition, 
Mr. Sandidge, Mrs.  Housewright, and I take our students who pass 100 books (NOT  POINTS) on a special trip
after the school year is complete.
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What do I do if my child leaves his book or homework at school?

This is one of those "tough love" answers. The first time your  child leaves something at school, you might 
consider allowing  him/her to return to our classroom to retrieve it if it is early  enough that I am still there.  
After the first time, please just  allow your child to accept the consequences that will come from  not having homework the 
next day.  While I know this can be a  traumatic episode for everyone involved, losing a few minutes of  playtime will not leave 
emotional scars on your child, I  promise.  In fact, it typically only takes once or twice for this  to happen before your child starts 
to realize the importance of  packing his/her backpack properly.  I remind them several times  as they pack to go home as to 
exactly which items  they need to take home, and will do so all year.  I even write a "pack list" on the board so that they can see what to pack.
Above all, please do not go to great lengths to rescue your child from his/her predicament. Unfortunately, over the years the same
parents I see returning to school several times a week,calling half the class to get an assignment, calling the principal at home or photocoying
someone else's sheet in second grade are the very same parents who are doing the same thing in sixth and seventh grade
I know how busy your life is; I am trying to keep you from sentencing yourself to be a special recovery agent for the next 11 years.
My own child learned very quickly in kindergarten that you must pack your backpack BEFORE school is over or take the consequences the next
day, and he was just  down the hall when he discovered his missing pages.  While it  seemed like the end of the world at 
that time, it certainly drove  home the point that packing at the end of the day was his  responsibility.
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How do you do this all day? I would go crazy!

It's pretty easy:  I love this job, and think it is the best  one in the whole world. When you visit our classroom, 
 there may  be times when the noise and structure may seem like some form of  bizarre punishment for visiting adults.  
The truth is that this  noise and chaos at appropriate times are contributing to helping  your child learn.  Just as there 
are times when you will see our  classroom very quiet, organized, and orderly, you will also see  our more active learning 
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How often are report cards sent home?

Report cards are sent at the conclusion of each 9 weeks grading  period. I will also send home a midterm report halfway
 through  the 9 weeks period so that you are informed as to how your child  is progressing.