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David Sandidge Staff Photo

Supply List 

 Supply List for Mr. Sandidge's Second Grade Class (2018-2019):

Several Pencils 
1 folder (2 pocket with prongs...the 10 cent type are perfect!)
2 Spiral Composition Books (to be used as your journals)
Colored Pencils (***These are optional.)
Markers (***These are optional.)

1 container of Lysol or Clorox wipes
2 Large Boxes of Kleenex tissues
Refill bottle of anti-bacterial liquid soap 
Headphones (for the computer lab- you can also purchase these in the office for   
$3.25 a pair)

One ream of white or color copy paper

***NO BINDERS OR NOTEBOOKS, PLEASE*** We don't have enough room for these.

***Students will not need a pencil box. We will be storing crayons, markers and colored
pencils in a gallon size Ziploc bag to save space in our desks and to avoid spilling
supplies while taking books out of our desks. Pencil pouches with a zipper will work as

***My students will not need rulers, glue, or scissors. I have class sets that we will use 
when these supplies are needed.

***I will gladly store your extra paper, pencils, etc. in our classroom. 
Just label them with your name, and we can get them out when you need them.
The following supplies are things we use throughout the school year. These 
are not required school supplies. If you would like to purchase any of these 
items, they would be greatly appreciated. 
quart size baggies

Lysol Disinfectant spray
dry erase markers                                                
cheap paper towels                                                                                               
cap erasers                                          
index cards (4X6 size)