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Weekly Homework Page 

Mrs. Tackett’s Homework Sheet for Sept. 24, 2018

Spelling Unit 7                     Challenge Words               Vocabulary words

1.   redo            6. unlike                 remake                       adapt      fresh

2.   repay            7. dislike                unblock                    climate     sense

3.   retake           8. disable               disloyal                      eager     shadows

4.   unhappy        9. misuse            Rogersville                  freedom     silence

5.   unable          10. misread           Tennessee        


M – Write main 10 spelling words 4 times each and choose 6 spelling words to write sentences with.

- Read Alaska: A Special Place and complete a math handout.

TH – Read Sled Dogs Run  and have the listener sign below.


Spelling and Reading test will be on Friday. Parents please remember to send in the signed permission slip and money for our Zoo Field Trip.

        If you can paint faces and would like to help me during the Fall Festival for about 30 to 45 min. I sure would appreciate it. Just let me know, and I will try to schedule you a time.

         Friday, Sept. 28th will be our RCS Fall Festival - from 3:30 – 6:00 pm.

         Friday, Oct. 5th will be the Second Grade Field Trip to the Knoxville Zoo.

        Oct. 8th, Monday - OCT. 12, Friday -- FALL BREAK -- No School

         Oct. 17th, Wednesday -- Fall Picture Day

         Oct. 26th, Friday – Parent Teacher Conferences

 Snack Schedule This week -–– Sept. 24th – Solomon, Amelia, Lilliana, Ivan, and                      

                     Kendal  need to bring in 18 healthy snacks.

 Next week – Oct. 1st  – Jacob, Hunter, Thailia, Paidon, and Kenady  

                        need to bring in 18 healthy snacks.