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Weekly Homework Page 

Students and parents,

Remember to bring a bag lunch and a drink tomorrow for our trip to the Aquarium. Please be on time for school, because we will try to leave as soon as possible to get down to Gatlinburg. I will have their class t-shirt ready to put on when they get here. Please make sure they eat a good breakfast and go to the bathroom before they leave to come to school. We usually try to leave somewhere between 8:15 and 8:30. For those parents that are planning on going on the trip, you will probably want to go on down, park, and get in line to buy your tickets there. That way when we get there you will be ready to go walk through with us, because they will take us on through as a group.

Please note that this is a special second grade event and that siblings are not permitted to attend. Thank you for your understanding of this policy. Regrettably, we will not have time to visit the gift shop or any vending/snack establishments at the aquarium. If you attend this trip, we ask that you also adhere to this policy and not ask to take your own child into these places. All students on this trip will be required to stay with their teacher and the whole group. Parents will be welcome to tagalong with us, but the whole group will stay together. Please be aware that these rules are for the safety of every child on the trip.

Once again, we thank you for understanding this policy and cooperating with us. Students on school trips are not permitted to ride home with parents or to be signed-out of school. All students who leave RCS with us are required to return to RCS with us. This is an official Board of Education policy concerning school trips.

Thank you for everything, the cards, the flowers, the gifts, the laughter, and words of encouragement! I’ve had a wonderful year with a great group of students! I hope you all have a fun summer break and hopefully I will see the students around on the playground some when we all come back in August.

Thanks again!