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Weekly Homework Page 


Mrs. Tackett’s Homework Sheet for Mar. 11, 2019

Spelling Unit 26          Challenge Words       

1. I'm              6. she's            I'll              

2. I'd               7. she'll          you'll           

3. I've              8. it's             we'll                

4. he's             9. you'd        where's             

5. he'll           10. who's        there's



M – Write main 10 spelling words 5 times each and choose 8 spelling words to write sentences with.

– Complete a math handout and read a reading Counts Book.

TH- Read a Reading Counts Book and write the name of the book below-



Spelling and Reading test will be on Friday.


Our Spring Break will be the week of March 18th –March 22nd.


Snack Schedule 

This week – March 11th- Alanna, Matt, Chyan, Jordan, and Cameron need to bring in 18 healthy snacks.

Next – March 25th- Kaiyah, Solomon, Amelia, Lilliana, and Ivan  need to bring in 18 healthy snacks.