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Classroom Procedures 

Classroom Expectations

1.     We will be prepared for class each day.

2.    We will be quiet and listen when a teacher or staff person is teaching or talking to us.

3.    We will walk quietly in the hallways.

4.    We will keep all body parts to ourselves.

5.    We will always use kind words.

6.    We will do our very best every day.

7.    We will work together to learn and grow.

Behavior Policy

Positive behavior in our classroom is both expected and required. I use a behavior management system that rewards those who follow the rules. In our classroom, we have a card system in which students have a series of cards. Moving more than one card will result in a student’s loss of certain privileges. The card system is:

*Yellow card= excellent behavior

*Blue card= warning, but no loss of privileges

*Green card= loss of 10 minutes of playtime

*Red card= loss of 20 minutes of playtime

*Black card= loss of all playtime; parents notified

(All cards are returned to the yellow card each morning, so that no matter how terrible the day before may have been, everyone gets a fresh start.)

A loss of playtime will mean that your child will walk in a monitored spot while his/her classmates play during playtime. This is in accordance with state-mandated physical activity requirements. While most behavioral issues can be managed with this system, serious exceptions such as physical violence, stealing, or repeated inappropriate language may result in an afterschool or lunch detention. Also, any cafeteria violation is an automatic loss of 10 minutes of playtime.

Every child who keeps his/her behavior “stick” all week will be allowed to pick from our class Treasure Box on Fridays. In addition, I sometimes give “surprise” incentives for those who exhibit proper behavior.

Please do not panic if your child moves an occasional card. One card, or even two, per day doesn’t indicate a behavior problem. If there is a problem, I promise I will let you know so that we can work together to create a solution to it.

Entering the Classroom

Students are expected to enter the classroom quietly and complete the morning procedures. Students are expected to be in their seats and ready to learn when the bell rings.

Morning Procedures

1.     Unpack and place your belongings in the coat closet.

2.    Sign up for lunch.

3.    Pick up morning work from the basket.

4.    Sharpen your pencils.

5.    Fill your water bottle.

6.    Use the restroom.

7.    Be sure to have all materials needed for the day.

8.    Begin working on your morning work.

9.    Be in your seat and ready to learn when the bell rings.

I Need Your Attention

When I need your attention, I will count backwards from 5 to 0. When I reach 0, I expect the room to be quiet and students to be seated facing the teacher ready to listen for instructions. If students are not quiet after I reach 0, consequences will occur according to the above behavior policy.

Classroom Jobs

Classroom jobs are rotated weekly. Each child has opportunities to have a job. These assignments should be taken seriously- it’s one way we can be team players.

Leaving the Classroom

No one may leave the classroom without permission. Students must inform the teacher where they are going and their purpose for leaving the room before permission is granted. Students will only report to the designated area and return to the classroom when they complete their task. If students go anywhere other than the area in which they have permission to be, behavior consequences will occur according to the above behavior policy.

Academic Awards

Second graders are eligible for end of year academic awards including all A’s, A’s and B’s, citizenship, effort, and special talent awards. Awards are presented during a special ceremony in May, and parents and family members are encouraged to attend.


If your child is going to be absent for more than one day, and you would like to pick up make-up work, please notify the office in the morning. You will then be able to pick up your child’s work after 2 p.m. While it is not necessary to notify the office if your child is going to be absent due to sickness, it often helps me track what may be going around if I know why your child is out. If you think of doing so, I do greatly appreciate you calling or e-mailing so I know how your child is.

After an absence, students are required to bring in a note to the school office explaining the absence. If you take your child to the doctor, please get a doctor’s excuse. A limited number of parent notes are allowed per child, so having a doctor’s excuse will save you having to secure one after your child reaches his/her limit. If you are going to be out of town, up to 5 days of pre-arranged absences are allowed. Please let me know, and I will take care of getting the paperwork and your child’s missed work for you before you go.

Treasure Box

If you have small toys at home that your child no longer plays with, I would love to have them for our class Treasure Box. Appropriate items include Happy Meal toys and those small, bottom of the toy box things.

Reading Counts

I STRONGLY encourage participation in our school’s Reading Counts program. Students are given small rewards for reading books and passing computer comprehension tests. Reading Counts is a program that can dramatically improve your child’s reading skills. I have several books to choose from, on all reading levels, and many of the books you have at home are likely on the list as well. Mrs. Phillips, our librarian, has many of the titles posted on her webpage. Students are able to take one book test per day, and have up to 3 chances to pass a book after reading it. Students who accumulate 75 points by the April/May deadline will be invited to a special movie reward during school hours.

20 Book Sheets

Each month, I send home a monthly reading log. Once your child reads 20 books, please send the completed form back to school. I will allow your child to pick from our Treasure Box, and he/she will receive a special treat on the last school day of the month. Reading Counts books can be listed, but weekly reading homework stories from our textbook are not allowed to be counted in the 20 book total. Reading with your child is one of my expectations of you, and one that will increase your child’s reading skills and be a fun activity for both of you.

Parent Volunteers

Parent volunteers are always welcome. I will notify you of volunteer opportunities, but if you have a certain time you would like to come, please let me know and we’ll work out something.

Field Trips

Second grade students typically go on 3 scheduled field trips each year. If space allows, parents are allowed to attend field trips. Some facilities, such as WCYB, limit our space, therefore excluding parents from attending. Students on school field trips are not allowed to ride home with parents, and cannot be signed out of school. Parents who attend field trips must also abide by predetermined field trip “rules” pertaining to special privileges, etc. Of course, I will always supervise all field trips, so your attendance is completely optional. Please note that school bookkeeping regulations do not allow us to include parents in our group rate, and parents must pay separately at the facility if they attend field trips.

We also may take several short walking trips to places within walking distance of RCS. A walking permission slip is included in this packet. Please return it to school with your child’s other paperwork.


We do have a brief afternoon snack period each day. I will send home a snack calendar telling you which week you need to send 20 prepackaged snacks. Please note that these snacks MUST adhere to the approved snack policy, as required by federalchild nutrition laws. Suggestions include: 100 calorie snack packs, individual packs of baked chips, low fat pudding cups, fruit cups, raisins, and fresh fruit such as apples, oranges, and bananas.

Weekly Homework Assignment Sheets

I will send home a weekly announcement/homework sheet that will include upcoming assignments and spelling words. This sheet will need to be signed and returned to me the following Friday so that your child will receive credit for his/her weekly reading assignments. I do not give additional copies of this sheet if your child happens to lose it, but I do post this sheet on our class webpage each week. You can print a copy for your child to turn in to me.

Weekly Reading Assessments

Weekly reading assessments will be taken each Friday. The assessments consist of two reading passages with ten multiple-choice questions to accompany each question. There is also an essay question that pertains to both passages. These assessments are difficult for students at the beginning of the year. Therefore, we will complete the tests together for the first several weeks of the school year. While completing the tests together, I will be going over test taking skills that will be useful to students from now through the end of their school careers. Students will also have the opportunity to correct their reading tests at home for half credit. Corrections will only allowed through December. Students will no longer be able to correct their tests after returning from Christmas Break.