Tennessee is resetting how we measure student achievement with TNReady results for students in grades 10-12 being released in November. This reset amounts to being more honest about how well prepared students are for the next grade and beyond. While the scores will look different, the information TNReady provides will equip teachers and parents to work together in helping every student achieve more.


A better measure of student achievement keeps students on the right track. Our students deserve an education that prepares them for success after high school. When students go on to pursue a military career, a four-year degree, or career certification, they need to be able to solve problems, think critically, and communicate clearly. Based on extensive feedback from Tennessee educators, TNReady was designed to measure your child's progress in building those real-world skills and to give you and teachers guidance on how to help the learning continue.


The TNReady scores look different. TNReady is being scored based on input from Tennessee teachers about the knowledge and skills a student needs to be on grade level and progressing toward being fully prepared at graduation for a wide range of postsecondary options. The scoring of TNReady matches what has been seen on ACT, where only 17 percent of graduates from public schools have scored as ready for college and career. With TNReady results, parents will get each year, not just once in high school, a realistic view of where students are excelling and where they need more support. This information will empower and you and teachers to help your student be ready for future opportunities like college-credit courses, ACT, university placement tests, military entrance exams, and Tennessee Promise.


Students are setting a new baseline for themselves with their first TNReady results. This year's scores cannot be compared to last year's TCAP, and it isn't fair to students or teachers to try to do that. Your child is just as capable, but TNReady is more challenging in a couple of ways. First, the test measures performance against higher expectations that reflect what students need to know to succeed in the 21st century. Second, the test includes new kinds of questions students haven't encountered before. Some questions don't offer a list of answers to choose from, and some problems must be solved without a calculator. As students adjust to the new test, we should expect many of them will be Level 1 or 2 on TNReady in the beginning. To ease the transition, the state is moving to reduce the impact TNReady will have on grades.


Tennessee students have shown us they rise to the challenge when our expectations are high.


Tennessee went through a similar reset on assessment scores with TCAP in 2011, and it was followed by a growth spurt in student achievement never before seen in our state. Since 2013, Tennessee has led the nation in academic growth in English, math, and science. Why has that happened? One important reason is that our teachers and students developed a growth mindset to learn more and learn faster each year. Because teachers and students have embraced this growth mindset, we can expect student achievement scores to begin rebounding quickly.