To start the enrollment process at RCS, call the office at 423.272.7651 or visit the school office to complete paperwork and submit documents. 

You may register online 


print out the enrollment packet and submit completed paperwork to the office.

Birth certificates, immunization records, and/or medical examinations are not required for immediate enrollment which is defined as the ability to participate in classes or school activities.

Per the McKinney-Vento Act, students who are considered homeless shall be immediately enrolled even if they are unable to provide the following enrollment requirements. 42 US Code §§11431-11435


Proof of Residency Options

To obtain enrollment in the Rogersville City School District, students must reside in the Rogersville City limits with their natural parent(s) or court‐approved legal guardian(s). A student who wishes to enroll at Rogersville City School, and lives outside city limits, approval must be granted by school administration. For enrollment purposes, a resident is defined as an individual who is a full‐time occupant of a dwelling located within the city and who, on any given school day, is likely to be at their stated address when not at work or school.

For Parents/Legal Guardians Who Own Their Residence -

  • a current residential property tax statement or utility bill. The record must include the name of the parent/legal guardian.

For Parents/Legal Guardians Who Are Renting a Residence  -

  • a lease or rental agreement consisting of the written evidence that the agreement is valid; or Proof of Residency affidavit signed by the parent or legal guardian which will allow for appropriate verification of residency.

For Parents/Legal Guardians Who Are Occupying Another Person's Home  -

  • Proof of Residency affidavit signed by the parent/legal guardian


Evidence of Age Options

 Many types of documents can be accepted to prove age, including medical records, baptismal certificates, or a simple statement of age signed by the parent or guardian.

  • A legal document with the child's full name and date of birth

For children born in Tennessee, the parent may request a copy of the certificate of birth at  https://www.vitalchek.com/ or by visiting the Hawkins County Health Department in Rogersville or Church Hill. There is a minimal fee for this service.  Children born outside the state of Tennessee will need to request the birth certificate from their state of birth. Contact information can be supplied through the Hawkins County Health Department.  A student must be enrolled and registered using the exact name that appears on the certificate of birth or certificate of adoption.

  • Proof of Up-To-Date Tennessee Immunizations with a Confirmation of Current Medical Examination
  • Baptismal Certificates
  • Statement of Age signed by the parent or guardian



Immunization Record & Medical Examination


  • All students must have a Certificate of Immunization and Record of Medical Examination on file in accordance with Tennessee Department of Health regulations. Students entering public schools for the first time must present this form upon enrollment. No child can attend school in the state of Tennessee without this documentation. Paperwork may be completed, although students will not be enrolled into school until all required paperwork is turned into the school.  This certificate can be issued by the Hawkins County Health Department or your child's pediatrician/primary care physician. You must turn in the original form to the school office.

  • Social Security Card (optional)  We ask an official copy of the child's social security card be provided to be incorporated into the official school records pertaining to the child. While this card cannot be mandated according to current State law, it is recommended by the School District because of its impact on accurate student records.
  • Custodial documents (if applicable)

*We understand that you may not have access to your child's record of physical or immunizations at this point. Upload the information that you are able to at this point and you will be able to upload the record of physical and immunizations when you have that information (before school begins in the fall).


Tuition Info

First page of the PDF file: Tuition_Information_2020-21