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As a public school in the State of Tennessee, Rogersville City School implements the State's academic standards as the basis of its instructional program. The curriculum used to support instruction of these standards is chosen by a committee of RCS educators from a state-adopted list of educational programs that have been vetted by the Tennessee State Board of Education.

The approved curriculum is further strengthened by dynamic teaching and skilled lesson planning to provide your child with the best possible K-8 educational experience.

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In compliance with House Bill No. 1513, the Textbook Transparency Act, all publishers of textbooks or instructional materials approved by the state board for local adoption shall make available the textbooks or instructional materials on the state textbook depository’s website.

State Textbook Depository Website

The State Textbook Depository Website has full instructions about registering to access samples of textbooks adopted by the Rogersville City School System.