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L to R: Stephanie Eidson, Director of Coordinated School Health; Karen Stubblefield, School Nurse; Bethany Allen, Clinic Assistant

Rogersville City School Clinic

The school clinic nurse is responsible for managing the health care status of students enrolled at Rogersville City School. This service includes review and evaluation of health records and general health conditions. 

The nurse keeps records of students’ immunizations, health conditions; vision, hearing and health screenings, individual health plans and routine clinic visits. The nurse cannot make a diagnosis or write prescriptions. 

If a student has any health concerns while at school, they should come to the nurse’s office. If your child becomes ill, the nurse will contact you, or someone designated by you, to pick up your child. It is imperative that all phone numbers be listed on the emergency contact form and be updated immediately should they change during the year.  

Please provide the nurse with any changes in health conditions that may need the nurse's professional support. If your child has had an injury, surgery or change in health status; please bring him/her to the school nurse’s office prior to returning to class to discuss the specific needs of your student. Scheduled surgeries or procedures that may impact your child at school should be discussed with the school nurse prior to the event and before the student returns to school.  Written documentation from your healthcare provider outlining any restrictions to activity or special treatment guidelines will be reviewed at this time.  The nurse will review doctor’s orders for care at school, including medication administration and restrictions/accommodations that must occur in the school environment. 

The school clinic will dispense medications provided by and checked into the clinic by a parent including over the counter medications and prescription medications with a doctor’s order. 

Please see the forms links below to download the medication consent.

Clinic News

Free COVID Testing
Jennifer Ewing

RCS is now offering free COVID testing to students and staff.

RCS is now offering free on-site COVID testing for students and staff!  See details below.


Who:  Students and Staff

When:  Monday-Friday 8:15- 9:15

Where:  RCS

Cost:  FREE through the ELC COVID testing grant!

Please call the school to schedule an appointment time at 423-272-7651. 

Rapid testing with results in 10 minutes

Karen Stubblefield

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I have been working at Rogersville City School for 24 years. I began my Nursing Career at East Tennessee Baptist Hospital in Knoxville.

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BSN, Nursing, King College

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