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Our 1:1 Initiative

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1:1 means just that - one student to one device. Our School Board invested in our students several years ago by making sure each student has his/her own device. RCS students are  issued an assigned iPad or Dell laptop upon enrollment.  Students in grades K - 4 use iPads while students in grades 5-8 use Dell laptops.  Both devices are remotely managed by our technology department and monitored through our filtering and monitoring software. 

Students and parents sign both an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and a Tech Agreement (TA).  The AUP addresses general use of the device, while the TA extends use of the device as part of our Take-Home Initiative.

Acceptable Use Policy

Technology Agreement

Take-Home Initiative

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At the beginning of the 2020-2021 school year, RCS launched its first ever Take-Home initiative, allowing students in grades K-8 the use of their school-issued device at home. A crucial, equitable step to ensuring students' success in remote learning, this initiative has helped level the playing field for virtual learning and extended its reach.

Leveraging Technology

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Rather than use technology for novelty's sake, we endeavor to leverage technology as a tool to reach learning goals.  Students at RCS also benefit from STEM instruction as part of their Related Arts program where they have the opportunity to use a wide range of technology incorporating robotics, engineering, and problem-solving. Learn more about our STEM progam.