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Dear RCS Parents/Guardians,

We have had a wonderful start to our 2021-2022 school year, even with the continuation of COVID concerns. Please know we will always keep the safety of our students and staff as a priority. Please see below regarding our current, updated COVID protocols.


  1. Masks: RCS strongly encourages masks, but will leave this decision to you, as their parent/guardian. Governor Lee signed an executive order stating any system mandating masks will also need to provide waivers for those opting out. We feel our decision to leave this important decision to our parents is the correct way to deal with this matter.
  2. COVID symptoms at school: When a student demonstrates or complains of possible COVID symptoms, you will be contacted by our school nurse staff to have your child picked up from school for recommended COVID testing. The health department will give guidance regarding close contacts to an identified positive case. All contact tracing will occur through the Health Department. RCS will work directly with the health department in identifying possible close contacts in the school setting for quarantine.  
  3. Continuing Education: Any student who is quarantined due to a positive test or deemed a close contact will have access to appropriate instructional materials while they are out. Please ensure students have their school-issued device or home device available to them to access these resources. If you do not have Internet connectivity, please request alternate materials from your school site. It is important to maintain consistent communication with your child’s teacher(s) daily (Zoom, learning platform, messages, phone, etc.) while quarantined.
  4. Returning to School: Any student testing positive will need to be readmitted by the school nurse upon return to school. Please contact the front office upon arrival.
  5. Communication: It is very important to maintain consistent communication with Rogersville City School throughout this process. Any updates, developments, or questions regarding your child’s health should be relayed to the school nurse or School Health Coordinator.


Please click on the link below for guidance on COVID instructions/information for Rogersville City School. 

Edwin Jarnagin
Director of Schools


First page of the PDF file: RCSCOVIDDiagram