return to school update on white background with school supplies


RCS will return all PK-2nd students on Monday February 1st for in-person instruction. They will attend 4 days per week and Fridays will be reserved for students who are behind or struggling.

Grades 3-5 will return to full in-person instruction on Monday February 8th and attend 4 days per week (Mon-Thu) and Fridays will be used for students who are behind or struggling. Grades 6-8 will return on February 17th (No School 15th & 16th) under the same schedule. Our plan is to open, and stay open, by staggering the start, it will allow us to teach and practice safe protocols with the students so we are not attempting this with all of our students at once.

We will be following strict protocols to keep the school open for in-person instruction. Any student who has a temperature, or is exhibiting symptoms, will be sent home for quarantine. We ask that you check your child on a daily basis for temperature and symptoms before school. Please keep them home if they do, attend school virtually, and contact RCS for protocol to return.

Temperatures will be taken in the classroom each morning. Masks must be worn at all times by students and staff. Social distancing must be observed at all times. If your student does not wear a mask or maintain social distancing, then we will require that student attend virtually. We will do our best to contact trace among students and only quarantine students and staff who have been in close contact. CDC guidelines for quarantine will be followed.

If your student has been successful on virtual instruction and you plan to continue to have them attend virtually, please contact your child’s homeroom teacher or Shane Bailey at  Being successful during virtual learning means your child has passing grades and they are/have been fully participating in class (Zoom) and submitting their assignments on time.


JT Stroder

Director RCS