5th Grade Prize Patrol!

5th Grade Prize Patrol!
Jennifer Ewing

"We just wanted to give a little positive reinforcement to those that are working so hard in a difficult situation."

Nicky Ward, 5th Grade Teacher

Virtual Learning is hard.  It's hard on teachers, parents, and it's especially hard for students.  That's why 5th Grade teachers at RCS had to think "outside the box" for ways to encourage their students this year. Enter the 5th Grade Prize Patrol. Mrs. Bradley, Mrs. Hartness, Mrs. Moncier, and Mrs. Ward went out into the community Friday and surprised some of our 5th grade students for their extra effort in meeting this year's learning challenges.  Students were greeted at their front doors with a bag of goodies, motivational posters, and music.  

"I think we (teachers) needed this as much as they did!"

Mindy Bradley, 5th Grade Teacher

5th grade students, keep up the good work and be on the lookout. You just might have a surprise at your doorstep one Friday!

5th grade teachers with student