RCS Pumpkin Contest Winners

RCS Pumpkin Contest Winners
Jennifer Ewing

Rogersville City School students participated in a pumpkin book character contest in the library.  Students in grades 2-8 were challenged to create their favorite book character using a solid pumpkin with no holes and smaller in size than a basketball. RCS faculty, staff, and students voted on their favorites as well as the community during the annual Fall Festival on November 3.  

Click here to see the winning pumpkins!

•    Fall Festival Winners voted on by the community: 
1st place:  Elbie Fairchild
2nd place:  Lakin Lawson
3rd place:  Eli Carpenter
4th place:  Kenner Golden
5th place:  Addy Houseright 

Honorable mentions: Randi Lawson, Zoey White, Zaden Mayes, and Callie-Ann Parsons

•    RCS Winners voted on by faculty, staff, and students:

2nd grade:
1st place:  Zayden Steward and Randi Lawson 
2nd place: Madelyn Hatfield 
3rd place: Hana Elkammash
4th place:  Jana Elkammash
5th place:  Tayen Looney and Caroline Wilder

3rd grade: 
1st place: Zella Eldridge
2nd place: Eli Carpenter
3rd place: Hattie Ruth Barrett and Kambrie Dennis
4th place:  Caroline Martin
5th place:  Azzy Gonzalez

4th grade:
1st place:  Clara Elkins
2nd place:  Kenner Golden
3rd place: Elbie Fairchild
4th place:  Ella Carpenter and Lakin Lawson
5th place:  Jasmen Aglan

5th grade:
1st place:  Clara McLain
2nd place: Willa Kay Cope
3rd place:  Caylan Spears
4th place: Kylie Hooker
5th place:  Addison Jones and Ashley Nelson

6th grade:
1st place: Callie-Ann Parsons
2nd place: Zoya Patel
3rd place: Ayden Allen

8th grade:
1st place: Jaslyn Bevins
2nd place: Anna Claire Catron
3rd place: Tori Hall