RCS Track Team Excels at Mobuck Middle School Invitational

Kristen holding medals
Jennifer Ewing

Boasting 7 medal winners and 16 PRs, the RCS Track Team excelled at the Mobuck Invitational Meet Thursday night. This 6-Team home track meet also served as 8th grade night for our 8th grade team members. 

Standout 8th grader Kristen Gillett was the 200m girls champion while the RCS boys 4x100 team (8th grader Lucas Williams and 7th graders Lofton Hayes, Adonis Kincaid, and Auston Leach) took home the first place finish in that relay.

Come support the RCS Track Team on Monday, April 19 at Science Hill High School as they compete in the 13-Team Liberty Bell Track Meet. Field events will start at 4:30 p.m.

4x100 relay team
Kristen holding medals
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